Let's face it, cooking is the main place in which we are always and we meet with our loved ones, in conclusion is the meeting point of every day. The kitchen, is an essential component in our home, which gives more life and personality to our kitchen, is the worktop. Help our kitchen to give it a touch of vivacity and harmony.

It is important to know that the material, the finish and the design, the use so that our countertop looks spectacular and make everything work together. In this article we will show you the best trends for countertops for this 2017. So, if you are thinking of changing your kitchen, this article will help guide you and give you

Neutral tones come in this season. The bright tones are a little on the side and give way to the neutral tones, giving a more relaxed look to your kitchen.

Instead of choosing a bright color or a very dark tone, you are more likely to find lighter or softer tones like:

• Gray
• White
• Beige
• Light Brown
• Light Blue

There are more components and components in which the neutral bottoms can be used. So, combining neutral colors on your countertop and the color of the kitchen, fit perfectly.
It is also valid with other tones, however the neutral style is maintained. As before, the light brown and blue colors are valid to choose, as they fall into the neutral color range and look good for this 2017 season. Although on the other hand, many people are choosing to choose very light colors.
You'll wonder why people are choosing lighter colors? Well the answer is because lighter or neutral tones open to natural lighting, and this makes the kitchen and all areas of your home reflect a much more harmonious style.
In addition to the people choose the colors, also the complement their home and kitchen with large windows, large doors and folding, increasingly common son. The result is wonderful, since your kitchen and all your home is very modern and harmonious.

So if you have a small kitchen, you should follow this first advice, so you could give it an effect of more luminosity and space.

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