In this section we will talk about backsplash tiles, previously used in the kitchen used a slab or paint in the apte above. Now in 2017, decorative tiles will be used.

Backing tiles are expected to remain the most popular, as people look for the backsplash to stand out in the kitchen and have a touch of modernity.

The backsplash has become a canvas to test the most daring and captivating styles. With the new trend, people decide to extend the backsplash to the roof, turning the kitchen into a focal point and catching the attention of anyone.

A variety of backsplash tile styles have come to meet the needs, so much so that more and more people opt for this innovative option for their home.
In fact, the traditional tiles if they come to be used but will be replaced by tiles with exotic finishes that resemble:

• Timber
• The marble
• The brick
• Natural stone

The style of the backsplash and the countertop, results in something truly harmonious. The neutral tones of the countertop and the exotic colors of the tile highlight a great style in the kitchen.

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