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10 ideas with marble and granite for the surfaces of your kitchen

Marble and granite are the materials preferred by elegant and sophisticated people. Its brightness makes any design look incredible and unique. In addition, they manage to give a modern touch to the design, 

Although this represents a higher cost than other materials but it is worth having this great investment. In addition, it is possible to place them in any external and internal area of your home. And if you want to know a little more about its uses and properties, you are in the right place.

The first thing to know is that the marble is a metaphorical rock that can have a crystalline texture, or colors depending on the region where it has formed. On the other hand, granite is a compact and hard rock that is composed of more rocks like quartz and mica. Both materials are used in the construction and decoration because, although they are more expensive, they are of the most resistant materials that exist.

And to convince you, we have put together the best features of both materials and show you 10 incredible ideas to take into account.

      1. Choose the color

Both materials offer us a wide range of colors and textures that make them combinable with any palette of colors or style. The color, pattern and design of the granite varies according to its composition. On the other hand, the marble instead, owes its texture and color to the place where it was formed.

      2. Put it in key points

Take advantage of its great beauty to turn them into the protagonists of your kitchen, using it as countertops, or as a coating for the island or walls, look spectacular and gives a modern touch to your home.

      3. Enjoy your brightness

Brightness is one of the most distinguished features of these materials. With a simple polishing can be converted into different spaces. For this brightness to be even greater, place them where the sun reflects or places lights to highlight its beauty.

      4. Greater hygiene

Marble and granite have almost no porosity, so they do not contain bacteria or residues from food, and are very easy to clean. We recommend to apply disinfectant liquid and clean it with paper towels to maintain its brightness and hygiene.

      5. A lot of resistance

They may look fragile, but in fact they are very resistant materials and have a high durability. They can be kept whole, without scratches, or cracks for a long time even if subjected to high temperatures, if you have to be careful with both materials.

      6. Natural design

Both materials are not only beautiful and resistant, they are also ecological materials that are elaborated respecting the procedures of extraction and manipulation that avoid the damage to the environment.

      7. Easy to maintain

It is easy to maintain the marble and granite, as they are very durable, durable, the only thing you will invest in will be in a good polished or sealed.

      8. Simple cleaning

To keep marble and granite clean there is only one rule: do not leave water accumulated on the surface. Always try to have absorbent towels on hand to dry any spills, and when cleaning, apply water with soap and clean immediately to avoid staining.

     9. Dazzle your design

Get creative, you can transform yourself into something very sophisticated, you do not need to add many things, nor spend money on a very elaborate design, with the presence of these materials in your kitchen and a simple design, will look very elegant.

   10. Classic Elegance

These materials manage to transform any space in a beautiful environment with a pure and perfect image.


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