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Choosing the kitchen countertop is not an easy task. There are so many innovative materials, so many options, that we can feel a bit overwhelmed. For all these reasons, we must know how to choose wisely.

Today we will tell you several reasons why you should choose a granite worktop as it is the best decision.

There are many factors that influence, and much, the decisions we make when choosing kitchen furniture, wall coverings or countertops. One of them is our tastes and preferences, and another, as it could not be otherwise, the price.

And is that when it comes time to choose the worktop that will be installed in our kitchen for many, many years, we are in doubt. The cheaper we do not like, the ones we love are too expensive. And so, we debate in a kind of indecision of which it is difficult to leave and, above all, to be successful.

A granite countertop, natural beauty

The natural beauty of granite is thanks to the earth, since this material is formed from the magma of the center of the earth and for many years is solidifying and is grabbing a unique and spectacular design.

A durable material that will last for years

Another key reason to choose a granite countertop and put it in your kitchen, is the high resistance that presents this material.

For example, granite is a stone of great hardness. But it is also a porous material, so it is particularly vulnerable to stains, especially those of some substances very common in the kitchen (wine, oil, acids, etc.).

However, before totally refusing to opt for a granite countertop you should know that there are ways to remedy this drawback. The best quality granites are sealed and this causes that there is no porosity and a smooth surface.

No fear of heat

Granite is one of the few materials that totally resists heat. So you do not have to worry about putting hot pans, nothing will happen. It is a great advantage of granite that is very resistant to high temperatures.




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