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Granite is a natural rock with a high resistance, has a wide variety of colors, styles and looks very elegant. An advantage of this material is that it is very hygienic, 

which makes it perfect for kitchen and bathroom decks. 

This material makes your home look more modern, apart from many years of durability and style.

This material is resistant to water, stains, high temperatures and scratches: to always be clean, just clean with a damp cloth, although sometimes this material needs maintenance and care, so it is recommended that you follow the Following tips:

• Do not rub granite with aggressive materials such as metal sponges, scouring pads, chlorine-based cleaners, etc. On the contrary, you should wash it with warm water, a non-aggressive detergent and a piece of cloth.

• If you can spill some acidic liquid, such as citrus juice, vinegar, hot oil, butter, wine, detergent, etc. It is advisable to clean immediately, as the liquids mentioned above are the most harmful for this type of material.

• Prevent granite from contacting any strong acids or chemicals, such as grease removers, cleaners, chlorine, acetone, etc.

• For your granite to have a more durable finish, the surface can be sealed to reduce natural wear. Maintenance for the surface is good to be done every four months.

• Do not forget that you should not hit the deck with very heavy instruments, because it may splinter or even break. The shores are the easiest areas to suffer any damage.

• In relation to the previous advice, avoid cutting any food on the granite, better use a board to avoid possible damage to the deck.

• Last but not least, do not expose the granite surface to high temperatures, it is best to use a wooden base or something similar to place the pots that come directly from the stove.

Following these valuable tips, your granite cover will last you much longer, and will look like new.







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