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The granite is one of the hardest and most resistant stones that exist, it is a plutonic igneous rock, that is to say, this stone is formed when the magma cools and solidifies to a great depth, through a long time. 

Thanks to this slow cooling crystals are formed of pure minerals, of various compositions such as quartz, feldspar, etc., giving rise to a granular and heterogeneous texture, according to the composition of the different minerals results in the great variety of granite colors.

This material is quite hard, apart it is distinguished by its resistance and to withstand very high temperatures.

Granite is harder than marble or limestone. So, this is great advantage for this material, well, this makes your sea of extraction more difficult.

The process of granite begins, from its extraction in the mountains, in quarries, most of the granite quarries are found out doors. The first step consists of separating a large block called "cake", through different tools, such as machinery provided with diamond wire or through holes, made with pneumatic machinery.

Then the second cut is made to divide the huge blocks into smaller blocks, to allow their transportation to the sawmill. These blocks are marked with an identification number.

Once the blocks are in the transport, they take them to the companies in charge of giving a new cut and a finer finish. When companies receive these blocks of granite, they wash them with a large stream of water, this is to inspect that everything is well and has no defect, also checked their dimensions to be marked with a number and thus to continue with the long process,Which will be explained briefly:

• Subdivision of the block in boards: The blocks already inspected, pass to the area of cutting machines for the subdivision in boards. These blocks are cut by thread machines, weave in glooms or discs.

• Preparation of the finish: After the boards were cut, it is time to give a good finish, for example you can polish, brush, polish, etc.

• Cutting of pieces to measure, storage and palletizing: Since it has the final finish, the tables are re-cut with a machine, to be able to get the measure indicated by the client, then, they are put under control, to verify that everything is Well before being palletized.


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