Porcelain is actually a type of ceramic, but the materials it’s made from

Porcelain is actually a type of ceramic, but the materials it’s made from (along with the extreme heats at which it’s fired), make it far more durable and hard wearing than traditional ceramic.

So what are the magic ingredients? Porcelain tiles are typically 50% Feldspar, 30-40% white clay, up to 15% Kaolin and up to 15% quartz, along with other fusible materials. The result? A strong and dense tile with supreme durability, which is resistant to abrasion, frost and chemical damage. They’re also virtually impervious to water!

Porcelain tiles come in such an array of shapes, sizes, styles and colours that you can use them wherever you like throughout the home and garden. However, due to some of the qualities outlined above (high durability, frost proof, water resistant), they’re a pretty good candidate for floor spaces with high footfall, wet rooms, bathrooms, and gardens! Hallways tend to receive a lot of foot traffic, since it’s the space that family and friends shuffle through first, so that’s an area that would certainly benefit from some sturdy porcelain tiles.

When the summer months roll around, we all start thinking about how to make the best of those garden spaces. One simple solution is to create an outdoor patio area where we can lap up the sun, light up a BBQ, and enjoy the company of our guests. But which material to use?

Decking is quite an outdated idea for an external seating area now; the wood rapidly deteriorates, and it’s very slippery. Concrete slabs, another former favourite for patio spaces, are a very drab and lifeless option, which will rob your garden area of character.

Porcelain tiles are proving to be a very popular option when it comes to creating a patio area in garden space. Not only are they practically resistant to water, but they’re also very durable, and frost proof! For a gripping base in your garden, choose a porcelain design with an anti slip finish. There are plenty of stylish wood and stone effect designs to choose from.

A big trend is to create an indoor to outdoor space. This is where the interior floor continues outdoors, at the same height, to create a seamless transition.


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