In recent years there have been many trends that invade our homes, and of course we put into practice all the advice we see in magazines, articles, television, social networks, among others. A we love to apply everything we see, to have a home always avant-garde, mainly do not worry about renovating the decoration in our kitchen, bathroom, dining room, etc.

We must recognize that many of the trends, at first appear very well and go well with our home, but over time not boring, or simply trends are changing as the years go by, and we must also evolve with these It is good to be innovating in our home, so it is always the same, and of course, it is always the focus of attention with your friends or family.

In this article, we will mention some trends in interior design so you can give you an idea. Or, if you're bored with the decor and want to change the style of your home, these tips will help you a lot...


In this style between modern and old, it is not necessary to redecorate the whole home, simply has a balance, replace some tables, pictures, objects whether modern or old, depending on what things you have in your home. For example, if your house is modern, buy antique items to give a vintage touch to your home.

Also, if your home is not so modern, try to buy modern objects, for example you can buy carpets, jugs, mirrors, or you can paint the walls with neutral colors, to give a modern touch.

The goal is that your home is a modern and ancient at the same time, many decorations for the vintage style and is very easy to recreate.
If you have no idea what that style is like, do not worry about leaving a photo, because you have a clearer idea of this concept, that in truth this style comes very strongly, in 2016 and this style, but in this 2017 Is also present.

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