Earlier, we were talking about vintage style and shiplap style. In this third part of trends in interior design for 2017, our central theme will be the "marble".

Have you ever heard about marble? This material is very good and is America's favorite. Marble is a natural stone that by its nature is very beautiful, the advantage of this material is that it can be used in any area of your home, from a bedside table to your bathroom.

Normally marble is most commonly used in kitchen countertops. The appearance is initially impressive beautiful at first glance, what is most striking is that it is easy to clean, although it is a more delicate material than granite and quartz because it is a slightly porous material, and you need to be careful to That does not stain the surface.
This style is very well in any area of your house, it is very interesting to see that this style can be combined with other types of materials, for example, you can use polished cement floors, metal objects, etc.

This material, it is very good. It also makes it look very elegant and very sophisticated in any area you want to redesign or redecorate.

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