We agree that "less is more", this means that the simpler this our home and the less furniture or decorations we use is better.

In this article we will talk about the trends that come in this 2017, which are: saving space. It is a little hard to save space, since by nature we are very consumers and over time we accumulate things.

Well, for this 2017 you will no longer have problems to have your whole house tidy, as the trend is the installation of waste closets and recycling.
These cabinets can go in areas where your guests do not attend, for example you can install a closet in your garage. It is better to have your things stored, instead of having them in your living room, dining room or bedroom.

If your problem is not with some kind of personal item, and it is because you do not have space to store your alcoholic beverages, do not worry, you can also install a small wine cabinet and bar in your kitchen, in a creative and innovative way.

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