The dining rooms that are made of natural stone look spectacular. This type of material is slightly more expensive than the mother or other material, because these dining rooms are natural stone, obviously a little more cost, for the simple fact of being natural.

You must take into account that the material you are going to use, must have a color nutro Why neutral? Well in this trend, the colors are neutral and worktops are fashionable, for example: the colors brown, white, beige, gray, green, blue, among others, should be light colors.

On the other hand, they come in fashion with textures and greyish tonality.

QUARTZ. This material is at the top of the list of the most popular for this season. It is perfect if the quartz, has gray streaks and is neutral in color.

MARBLE. On this side, marble is also on the list of the most popular natural stones. Like quartz, this one also looks better, if it has thick streaks, compared to quarters, this material is a little more delicate, made with a little porosity, so be careful not to send the surface with the liquid you can spill.

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