As we said in the first part of this article, we are interested in the main facilities of our home, and one of them is of course the kitchen.
For us it is too important our kitchen, because there we make food and it is always the meeting point to eat or just talk.

What most looks like a kitchen, are the countertops. It is the main element that makes our kitchen attractive, in this trend of 2017 comes very strong what is marble and quartz. On the other hand, the granite is a little sideways, but can be used if it is a neutral color.

Although, as mentioned earlier, marble and quartz come with great force, since they are characterized by being very porous materials and with betas between the stone, that makes them super cute. Besides, they have a great advantage of use, and do not need a resealed continuously.
Also for this trend, they are using ultra thin worktops, this makes them look more modern and much more exquisite. And they are perfect in a neutral color with golden or gray streaks.

Another touch that is perfect, are backsplashes with colors and textures very original, can reach the ceiling, this makes the looks go to that point in your kitchen.

The stainless steel sinks and those that are integrated into the worktops, look great with the countertops in our kitchen, make a super striking and warm fusion.

Of course, the marble and quartz countertops are not just for the kitchen. If you want you can use these materials in your dining room, a table in the room or outside area, and even in your bathroom.

Lucen super cute, you will not regret putting these incredible materials in your home.

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