For this 2017 will be the year of the "shiplap", comes with great force in this 2017. The shiplap, we have seen it in constructions as in farms, barns, in shed, etc.

However, many people have opted to use shiplap as an age-old style, although contemporary designs are still popular in various age groups.
This style gives a touch of personality to our home. To our consideration the shiplap is perfect in bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms. The installation of the shiplap, is relatively easy to put, all you have to do is put table by wall on board and Ready! Although if you want a professional install each table to get the shiplap style, it is very valid.

The shiplap, looks spectacular in the areas already mentioned, provides a very welcoming touch and is very innovative. You can choose to put some lamps anchored in the ceiling so that you can appreciate the beauty of the wood.
Remember that this style should be used sparingly, nor do we want our home to look like a farm or barn. We must be very careful when choosing.

A very important point is that you avoid putting this material in places where there is humidity, for example in the bathroom. Since, because the material is wood, it can suffer some damage and we do not want that.

In the same way, we must give maintenance to our areas where this style is, since they can be filled with termites, so, it is good to give a maintenance to avoid some problem.

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