At some point we have seen the backsplash at our grandmother's house, aunt, mother. And the backsplash of your kitchen, have very dated images, such as: fruits or vegetables in 4x4 mosaics.

Actually, today backsplash are more modern, since over time have been innovating, for example, the materials that are made are:

• Stone
• Glass
• Metal
• Mirror
There are many designs and many textures, leaving behind the designs and typical materials. It is a matter of imagination, or also, with a designer who makes some innovative and unique designs.

The backsplash looks great in the kitchen. In addition, it is essential to prevent staining of the wall and complements nicely to the worktops.

Then, the trajectories of the trends of 2017, addressing the central theme that is backsplash, if you are interested in installing or remodeling this part of your kitchen.

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