STA Granite has several suppliers that read quality products, including Cambria, the leading company in the US market.

Cambria, is a very large company and always treats its customers with excellent service, offers state-of-the-art facilities, design innovation and work ethic with a great experience, is why Cambria company has become a leader the industry.

Concerned with the partners, Cambria aims to build a solid and collaborative relationship so that it can have a good performance and a firm commitment for both parties, this has as best offer the best product and the best service that the client deserves.

This company has many designs so that the customer has a great variety and can choose the one you want, Cambria has 141 different designs including granite and marble. All designs are very beautiful and unique that you will die for having a countertop in your kitchen, bathroom or dining room.


In this article we talk about this company closely, and what trends it brings for this 2017. It is distinguished by being a producer of natural quartz surfaces and by an innovative company in its products and designs, which are of high quality.

In this case, Cambria drew five trends that inspire anyone, and what better, comes the fashion material, which is the "quartz."

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