Care in Detail

Meticulous care in detail is what sets us apart. We have the necessary tools to achieve an extremely fine finish

Quality materials

We are well acquainted with materials and we have be enable to combine the best suppliers to achieve a high quality product

Just in time

Our experience has allowed us to develop methods that allow us to be very punctual in our times of delivery

Competitive price

Our creative ability allows us to take advantage of your budget in the best product and the best finish

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We are a company committed to the high quality in the manufacture and installation.

Showroom Smithville Phone:
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301 Turney st
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Pflugerville, TX 78660
Comercial Construction.
Through the experience for more than 10 years we have developed different techniques that allow us to consolidate a project of a commercial nature with the highest quality rigor.
Residential Construction.
We have had the opportunity to collaborate in residential projects in which it is required to achieve high quality finishes and extreme cleaning in the treatment of furniture.
Hospital Construction.
Granite is a material widely used in hospitals, which ensures minimum wear for areas of high personnel flow and the treated with instruments, is a clean material and easy to polish and maintain it.
Floor Construction.
Mall flooring, the most commonly used flooring material in shopping malls could be the engineered stone, since it is an affordable material of almost the same duration as granite.



We have the best installed equipment in our workshops for the cutting and treatment of stone, in this way our product reaches an unmatched quality


Our team has more than 10 years of experience in the installation of the most appropriate tools and the most innovative methods of high quality projects


We use the best tools and the finest products to achieve finishes that achieve high polishing standards, meeting sophisticated needs


We have a post-sale program that allows to preserve the product for a long time with the finishes always faithful taking into account that we keep all the plans of the project to obtain maintenance and suitable modifications


Construction combines an elegant finished and fine materials with a faithful adaptation to the design as a result a product according to each need.
We constantly evolve in each of our projects, always facing each challenge with professionalism.

Bee Caves Woods Project

Bee Caves Woods Project

This project was very important for us, since it was a challenge, to completely remodel the whole house. This house Read More
Georgetown Project

Georgetown Project

We have been working with the construction company Cavitt Richmond Homes for 4 years, but in fact they are almost Read More
Volcanic Site or Basalt

Volcanic Site or Basalt

Very resistant decorative stone for walls and floors. It can be requested in finished rustic or polished. The venue has Read More
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STA Granite was established by a group of master fabricators and installers from the best companies in Austin and surrounding areas.
We have more than 14 years’ experience in the industry. Our goal is to provide high quality.

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Who We Are?

The Best Choice for Marble, and Granite, Engineered Stone and other Natural Stone materials in Countertops.

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Sales Manager, Lou Jestice.

Showroom Pflugerville Address
100 W Pflugerville Pkwy unit 103
Pflugerville, TX 78660

Phone: + (512) 551-9568
Cellphone: + (512) 567-2196

Showroom Smithville Address
301 turney ST
Smithville, TX 78957

Phone: + (512) 575-7101