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6 of the most recommended materials for a kitchen countertop

...that have made this material one of the most used in the field of countertops.


Soapstone is another natural stone, usually dark gray in color with a smooth, silky feel. It has seen a recent resurgence as an alternative to granite. Soapstone is often seen in historic homes but is also used in modern homes as both a countertop and sink material. Over time, soapstone takes on an antique-like patina that can be very attractive in certain kitchen styles.

Contrary to expectations, the architectural soapstone used for countertops is actually quite hard and resistant to stain. However, it will scratch over time, although this can add to the antique patina of the stone.


Another commonly used natural stone on kitchen countertops is marble. Because no two sheets of marble are exactly alike, each marble countertop will be completely unique.
...surface that resists both scratching and staining. Some types are convincing copies of natural marble, with similar veining. Unlike natural stone, engineered quartz requires no annual sealing.

Similar technology is now being used in so-called glass countertops, which consist of particles of recycled glass blended with resins and shaped into countertop slabs. Consumers keen on being on the cutting edge may want to consider glass as well as quartz, ceramic or porcelain countertops.


Did you know that porcelain, for instance, is much stronger than granite and is almost as hard as quartz?
Porcelain is a vitrified pottery material that can be opaque or somewhat translucent.

When porcelain slabs are manufactured for use in countertops, they’re coated with a pigmented glaze. This is to give them an aesthetic appeal similar to that of natural stone or even marble.
...prolonged exposure to sunlight won't discolour it.

Colours and Patterns. Depending on the manufacturer, you may have numerous colour choices thanks to the help of natural pigments. As porcelain is an engineered stone, patterns and colours can be added during the fabrication process.

Size and Thickness. Porcelain is a very lightweight material with several installation options. What’s more, you can get extra-large porcelain slabs manufactured so fewer seams are required.

Environmentally Friendly. It’s a 100% natural product made of raw and clay-based materials, so it’s nice to know you’ll be able to recycle it one day.
There are lots of options on the market for kitchen countertops, but 10 materials comprise the majority of countertops in residential kitchens. They include granite, marble, quartz, porcelain, ceramic, quartzite, and more. Each material has its positive and negative aspects. For instance, some are very strong while others can be scratched or marred. And some materials cost a lot more than others.


For some time, granite has been the countertop material of choice when there were no cost issues to consider. Granite defines elegance in a kitchen. Even modest kitchens seem like luxury spaces when flavored by the beauty of granite countertops.

Historically, granite has been an expensive material, but its cost has come down somewhat as supplies have increased and engineered stone has become more common. Actually there are many prices for many needs or applications.

Granite currently has a wide variety of colors and costs, the market offers many options...
Due to its extremely high price, marble is not often seen throughout the full length of most kitchen countertops. Most often, its luxurious appearance is limited to use in an island or section of the countertop reserved as a pastry center or bathrooms.

Although highly prized, marble may not be the best choice for kitchens due to its penchant for staining and scratching. Newer sealers can reduce the maintenance of marble, but this is a considerably more temperamental stone than granite or soapstone.

Quartz (Engineered Stone)

The countertop material known as "quartz" is actually an engineered stone product that contains as much as 93 percent quartz particles and other minerals, shaped into slabs and bound with resins. These are not solid quartz slabs produced by quarrying.

Sold by companies such as DuPont Zodiaq, LG Viatera, Cambria, and Silestone, and many more, quartz was created as a more adaptable and better-performing alternative to granite and marble. It is available in a larger range of colors than granite and has a nonporous...
Heat Endurance and durability, after enduring such high fabrication temperatures, it makes sense that one advantage is its heat resistance. You should have no problem handling hot pots and pans even when you place them directly on a porcelain countertop, porcelain is stronger than the hardiest granite – almost 30% stronger in fact.

Porcelain’s tough structure also makes it scratch resistant. You can even slice and dice food right on it without worrying about your knives damaging the surface. However, you may want to stay away from cleaving meat.

Low Water Absorption. Porcelain is virtually impervious to water. According to the Tile Council of North America, its absorption rate is less than 0.5%.

Easy Maintenance. Besides being easy to keep clean, porcelain is also non-porous and stain resistant. No sealing is required.

UV Light Resistance. One major advantage porcelain has over quartz is that direct and...


Construction combines an elegant finished and fine materials with a faithful adaptation to the design as a result a product according to each need.
We constantly evolve in each of our projects, always facing each challenge with professionalism.



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