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The blocks are transferred from the quarry to the processing factory, which will pass a procedure for the manufacture of construction products. In a schematic way, it can be summarized in the following steps:

• First, the blocks will move to the cutting machine area, for subdivision into boards. These blocks can be cut by wire, strapping or disk machinery.

• Once the tables have been made using one of the previous techniques, they are given the required surface finish.

• The tables, already with the final surface finish, are cut with disc machinery, to get the custom pieces requested by the customer.

• These pieces, once cut, will undergo a check, to verify the tolerances of their dimensions, before being palletized.


We differentiate ourselves in the market by the good use of our machines. Because of this, we offer a final product with excellent quality. We take care that there is no imperfection in each product that we transform and we watch that every process is carried out correctly, to avoid any problem.

STA GRANITE we care about the perfection of each product, therefore, we are a company that is evolving day by day. We take care that all the process that the material undergoes, is with specialized machinery so that the material does not undergo some discoloration or deformation.

We characterize ourselves by using innovative techniques. This has allowed us to be a competitive company in the US market, always taking care of the quality in our final products and not only in the products we offer, but also in the installation service.

In the installation process, we are so careful and we try to ensure that your furniture does not suffer an accident, we register every aspect of the installation giving the attention that our customers deserve. The most important thing for this company is to satisfy each of our customers, leaving them with a good impression in every way.



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The Best Choice for Marble, and Granite, Engineered Stone and other Natural Stone materials in Countertops.

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