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Of all the materials available for floors, granite is the hardest, and resists wear and tear excellently. Granite is a very hard material, withstands heavy loads, and is also highly resistant to stains. Its waterproofing capacity is unique.

It has a very low porosity, so it does not accumulate dirt and is only maintained with the passage of a rag, soap and hot water. That is why it is the most chosen material for the kitchen and bathrooms, although its use on the floors is exemplary.


In spite of its hardness, the granite can be mistreated. For this reason, a gentle cleaning is necessary, without pressures and without corrosive chemicals, like ammonia and acids, because it causes that the material loses its brightness and can be stained.

The maintenance of these floors has to be done with great care every day. Once a week can be applied to a more aggressive product to polish the floor always very carefully not to damage it and look natural and exemplary. Or, to renew its surface and recover the brightness, it is possible to apply once a crystallization agent, along with a polishing at high speed.


Granite can be cut and shaped into many designs. In the market can be found in the pictures, square and shaped tiles, and in smooth or rough finishes, more rustic and suitable for exteriors. These are called "flamed granite", due to the heat treatment that allows this roughness to reach the touch.

On the other hand, we find in granite with leather finish, velvety finish in which the natural shine of granite (micas), more suitable for floors, walls and countertops, indoors.

The polished granite is smoother, flat and shiny. In it the natural color of the stone is better, although it is more favorable a show the scratches and wear in the shine. It is chosen for areas of low traffic or for details on surfaces such as countertops, furniture and others. It is not used on floors, because when it is wet it is extremely slippery.





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