Austin Bee Caves Woods Project

Bee Cave is a city in Travis County, near Austin, TX, and Barton Creek.

Perhaps one of the most exclusive places in Texas, Bee Caves Woods is an area which demands products of the highest quality.

The project was executed in one month with the finest care in each detail, with a high degree of satisfaction for the client and for us.

In this project we used materials of the highest quality with exceptional care in design. Looking for a completely harmonious stone assembly, the pieces fit together with one another creating a meticulous image and harmony in textures.
Each detail formed has continuity as if it were a masterpiece of art - art of nature and art from the hands of our cutters and installers.

More than 250 pieces were installed in different spaces: community room, chef's kitchen, stairs, game room, walls, and bathrooms.

Our professionalism has been put to the test with this project.

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Construction combines an elegant finished and fine materials with a faithful adaptation to the design as a result a product according to each need.
We constantly evolve in each of our projects, always facing each challenge with professionalism.

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