People and more women, we tend to be perfectionists in all aspects. When it comes to our home we want it to look cute, clean, comfortable, stylish, and above all modern.

We do not like our home looking ugly and sober, that's why we're always looking at magazines, or we're browsing Facebook, Google, Pinterest, to find beautiful pictures of homes and be able to recreate them in our home.

What we most seek to decorate and change constantly is our kitchen and our room, are the main areas where we receive our family and friends.
Let's be honest, they are the most crowded areas of our home, that's why we are interested in each of these areas are beautiful and modern. The other areas of the home also matter, but the others are the focal point.

So, if you like to be informed of the newest trends for your home continue reading this article ....


In our home, the most important thing is the color of the walls. Many people opt for very eye-catching colors, however, this season, neutral colors are your best choice.

Why is it your best option? You see, the neutral colors give a touch of brightness to your home and harmony, apart gives an air of tranquility and gives an effect of grandeur, this means that a neutral color makes our home looks bigger and with More space.

You can play with different tones, but they are neutral, to give a good contrast to your furniture and decorations.

Remember that the bright colors make your home look very loaded and gives an appearance that your home is smaller and does not give that touch of harmony and luminosity, on the contrary, it is seen in low light.

These neutral colors can go throughout your home, as outdoor and indoor installations, we leave it to your choice.

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